Thursday, September 26, 2013

{{ 3D Block in Game Project }}


1. Choose 1 from 5

2. Come up with story for Environment

3. Have a main character to incorporate into illustration

4. Show starting point and ending point (Point A to Point B)

5. Come up with 3-5 Thumbnails

6. Keep main elements in all your thumbnails (example: If theres a bridge, keep it a bridge in all thumbnails. Dont make it a serpent.)

Keep duplicate layer of 3D Block In and keep it on top (lower opacity to make sure youre on target)
When you start out dont worry about sticking to block-in (ART FIRST, technicalities later)
You still have some freedom within screenshot:
Allowed to Crop
Allowed to Change Shapes
Must Keep important aspects of gameplay
Add whatever you want
Placement of platforms is important
Think about Gamplay!
Dont make it boring (OR ELSE.)
Let the imagination flow!

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